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3 tips + 1 positive affirmation to stay on top.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hello my Supers,

I hope you are doing well and having a good day. I also hope that you take care of yourselves because it is important.

Whether you are a young schoolgirl/boy, a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, or anything else, you will like this little message of encouragement, as well as your positive affirmation of the day.

Portrait from a happy family. Positive and motivating blog, MyHappinessTherapy.Protrait from a happy family. Positive and motivating blog, MyHappinessTherapy.

1. Be gentle with yourself.

Do you put on a lot of work?

Do you always ask more of yourself?

Aren't you ever satisfied with yourself or with your accomplishments at the end of the day?

STOP ! Stop being so hard on yourself.

On the contrary, be as gentle, as patient and as tolerant as you know how to be with others (your spouse, your children, your friends, your family members...)

Why would you offer other people what you don't offer yourself?

Doesn't well-ordered charity begin with oneself?

So, be kind to yourself. Avoid treating yourself less well than yout treat others.

Remember that you are the person you need to take the greatest care of!

Especially if you plan to go far, or even very far.

2. Give yourself the same time as you give to others.

Unless I'm mistaken, you need you, too.

Your energy is not endless! Just like a vehicle's tank, just like an ATM or the battery of your smartphone, tablet or laptop, your battery needs to be refilled, recharged regularly, so that you can keep doing what you want to do with your days and your life.

So, consider taking the time to renew your own energy levels, too. You are neither an oil well nor a bottomless well, as far as I know!

Be sure to set aside for yourself the same amount of time you give to others or to your other tasks.

If, at the end of the day, you have the feeling that you have given an average of 20 minutes of your time to each thing and/or person around you, then try and give yourself 20 minutes, too.

Let your people know that it's non-negotiable. Schedule a Timer and ask to be left alone until the bell rings.

3. Be proud of yourself and congratulate yourself!

Be regularly proud of what you've already accomplished and appreciate your little victories and small successes. The big ones too, of course. Because it is by accumulating the former ones that you will open the way for the latter ones!

Positive Affirmation for Work and Success - MHT - Positive and Inspiring Blog

To repeat regularly and especially as soon as the doubt arises to:

  • increase self-confidence

  • develop learning qualities

  • gradually develop personal skills

  • and attract sustainable success.

Positive affirmation - blog MyHappinessTherapy

Have a great day and continue to take good care of yourself,

Superbly yours,



I don't know about you, but I choose peace!




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