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Feel different?... Good for you!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Do you feel different from other people and question yourself about it?

Then stop right here and read this.

Happy face in the middle of sad faces.

1. It's OK to be different.

If you feel different from other people, please don't worry too much about it. On the contrary, I suggest you to be happy about it. I really encourage you to enjoy being unlike everyone else.

I have never quite understood why some people spend time, energy and money to try and look like someone else or someone they are not. I just LOVE being ME!

I like the idea of being unique and I love being said that I am one of a kind. This is definitely a compliment for me, and I wish you to feel the same way, very soon.

Just love being you!

2. We are meant to be different.

The truth is, not only are we different from each other - even twins have differences, sometimes very small, sometimes more obvious -, but also we are meant to be different from one another. This is what makes our world so beautiful.

The world is a garden and humans are its plants and flowers.

The most beautiful gardens in the world are the ones with the most various sorts of plants and flowers. And so, is humanity!

If you accept your difference and learn how to enjoy it, you will definitely create peace within yourself.

And more peace within yourself will generate more peace with others, and then more peace throughout the world.

Because, when you accept that you are different, then you accept that others can be different, as well.

And it's OK. This is indeed the idea of the Creator of all things.

3. Just be you without shame!

Now, it's not about being better or worse than the one next to you. It's about improving and getting better than your past self.

That's right. It's about being you, truly and sincerely, at first. And then, look for gentle ways to, slowly but surely, improve yourself.

Start with being your true self. And then improve yourself.

Did you know that comparing yourself with other people is an act of violence towards yourself?

Now, who needs this?

Isn't there enough violence in this world?

Be gentle with yourself. You are a human being in construction.

4. Let people see you...

People find you weird?... Great!... At least, they see you!

They could ignore you, but they don't.

They just can't not pass by you without noticing something about you. I think that's fantastic!

I would even say that they see something special they wish they had.

What if the Divinity that created you, did it with a purpose and a vision?

What if you had been given the ability and the power to bring something special to this world?

My belief is that we are all on a mission on this planet.

Many of us play lazy and pretend to ignore it, but I believe that if you feel different, it is because you are already more or less conscious that your life has the purpose to leave an impact in the life of other people. And maybe even the rest of the world.

Different people are different for a reason, aren't they?

5. Be who you were meant to be.

Last but not least, find your thing!

There are so many talents available. Find out what yours is and exploit it.

Use it to serve, help or protect. To teach or to entertain. To unite or to strengthen, etc.

Grow your own power and reveal yourself.

Then encourage other people to grow their own power and reveal themselves, too.

Be different. Be smart. Be kind. Be strong. Be a hero. Be great. Be one of these or all of these. But be you. Even if different.

  • Than you for reading me up to this point.

  • If you enjoyed this post, please leave a heart, a nice comment below and share it with someone who is likely to enjoy it, too.

Take good care of yourself. Stay safe.



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