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Feeling doubtful? Do this!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It's OK. It happens to everybody. Every now and then, you may feel like you're lost in the middle of nowhere or you have the feeling that what you're doing right now suddenly has no meaning, when just a minute before, it was full of sense, so clear and so obvious.

You may feel useless, when just a minute before you were convinced that you were bringing to the world something it needed.

It really is OK. It really happens to everybody, every now and then. Just like when your computer restarts without asking you permission first! Lol.

Here is how to get rid of that feeling.

1. Sit back and look at what you've done so far.

Take a break. Breathe in and out several times. Have a good look at all the things you have done so far.

Grab a piece of paper or your notebook and make this list.

I bet you can remember every time you were told that you could not make it.

I bet you can name or picture all the people who tried to discourage you by repeating that it was crazy to do that or to go there and that you were taking risks or acting foolishly!

What happened to those people? Are they still in the same place?... Doing the same thing?...

Who cares!

What happened to YOU?

You took action, didn't you?

You moved on to the next level, didn't you?

Now, aren't you halfway there?

If not, I'm sure you are closer to your achievement point. Far closer than when you started.

Do you want to know why?

Because this is your path!

2. Success is your middle name!

If you had no middle name, now you do! Affirm this everyday and keep going what you do.

I know that you made it a personal challenge to prove wrong, anybody who doubts your future success.

So, every time you feel doubtful, I want you to remember your new middle name: Success. Or your new zodiac sign: Successful.

3. Use their words as a booster

Can you remember how you felt when you heard their comments - not statements - about you?

Take this feeling and use it a an energy booster!

If you have been capable of doing every little thing you wanted to do so far, despite all the things they said about you or your choices, I see no reason why you can't go on.

Yes, you are the type of persons who prove people wrong. Especially those who haven't even tried what you've done successfully or even been where you've been and came back stronger.

I want you to remember that inmind, as often as possible, please: "You didn't go that far to only go that far!"

I want you to look back only to realize that your past is full of examples of your ability to succeed.

I want you to remember the super-hero-in that lives inside of you.

I want you to remember the fighter nothing seems impossible to and nothing is too hard for.

You are tired?... Rest!... And come back all freshened up.

You are fed up?... Rest!... And come back stronger and fiercer.

You feel like quitting?... Do not! Just rest!... You have never been a quitter so do not start now.

You are not just on fire, you ARE fire! So burn, baby!... Burn!

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