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Keep doing your best!


Hey my Supers,

How are you doing? Are you holding on?

Resist a little more, everything will eventually work out.

As a reminder, no one comes into the world with the instructions for use of life, or even with a semblance of an explanatory note.

In other words, from the day of our birth until the day of our death, we improvise.

We initiate things, we try others, we crash, we fall, we hurt ourselves. We get up, we dust ourselves and we continue our journey.

Whether you are a positive or negative person, it is the same pattern for everyone.

The difference between individuals will lie in the ability of each one to straighten up after each tripping, to get up after each fall, to leave after each unwanted interruption of the course of his life, to bounce back after hitting bottom ground.

Here's what I've always said to myself and to my children:

If you stumble, straighten up. If you fall, get back up. And if you hit rock bottom, bounce back!

If you're tired, rest. Then get back to it.

Sometimes, modifying a very small detail is enough to unblock a situation. All it takes is sometimes a text to make you smile. And removing the sand in your shoe is enough to make you feel much better, and free to run everywhere again.

Try and cause small changes in your life, as often as possible. Thus when bigger ones appear, you will already have the advantage of knowing how to welcome them.

Citation : Si tu veux que ta vie soit différente, apporte-lui de la différence !

Things don't always go the way you would like them to. This is so true.

The current worldwide sanitary situation has shown us that we cannot control everything, despite all the efforts we have made to do so, for years.

What a great lesson of humility!

Humility is an excellent asset that helps develop your resilience.

So, let's continue to train, to remain humble in the face of natural or non-natural phenomena, which are stronger than us.

Personally, I have never seen fate bend before anyone.

I also encourage you to continue to take care of yourself and your thoughts.




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