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MHT Happiness Journal – new collection.

Congratulations! You have decided to be happy!

And as you progress at your own pace on the path to YOUR happiness, make this journal the witness of your journey.

Let it accompany you on a daily basis, just like, the positive, motivating, inspiring and resilient personal development and life coaching blog does.

Write down not only your thoughts, but also the positive and motivating quotes or affirmations that you prefer.

Writing, and more specifically journaling, have recognized therapeutic virtues. You just don't want to miss them, do you?


Don't pretend to be happy. Decide to be and train every day!

Here is the new collection of MyHappinessTherapy positive notebooks:

200 lined and numbered pages, compiled behind a bright and smooth cardboard cover, available in 6 colors: red, blue, brown, yellow, pink and turquoise.

200 pages for your 200 or more thoughts, just to release your stress and anxiety through writing.

Lighten the whirlwind of thoughts that sometimes makes your head spin!

1. Red MHT Happiness Journal

2. Blue MHT Happiness Journal

3. Brown MHT Happiness Journal

4. Yellow MHT Happiness Journal

5. Pink MHT Happiness Journal

6. Turquoise MHT Happiness Journal

Each notebook is printed on demand by KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Delivery is provided by Amazon, according to your usual purchase conditions.

I wish you a great day,

Take care of yourself and your thoughts,



Author Estelle CHARLERY, smiling.


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