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Notebooks of Great Ideas MyHappinessTherapy – new collection.

Do you have ideas all the time, as well?

Do you also no longer know where to put them, as they are so numerous?

You too would like to bring them all together in one place, and if possible, elsewhere than on your smartphone?

When you want to come back to it with a rested head, do you prefer to avoid spending even more time in front of a mini screen of a few square centimeters?

If so, then you will like this!

Here is the new collection of MyHappinessTherapy Big Idea notebooks:

200 lined and numbered pages, compiled behind a bright and smooth cardboard cover, available in 6 colors: red, blue, brown, yellow, pink and turquoise.

200 pages for your 200 ideas per minute. To order them and clarify them, so that your most brilliant ideas stand out better among them.

1. Red MHT Great Ideas Notebook

2. Blue MHT Great Ideas Notebook

3. Brown MHT Great Ideas Notebook

4. Yellow MHT Great Ideas Notebook

5. Pink MHT Great Ideas Notebook

6. Turquoise MHT Great Ideas Notebook

Each notebook is printed on demand by KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Delivery is provided by Amazon, according to your usual conditions.

I wish you a great day,

Take care of yourself and your thoughts,




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