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Talking about it is the first step towards the solution.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Customer and Thera-coach in a therapeutic session. - MHT life coaching with Estelle CHARLERY

How can we have so many taboo subjects in a country (France) where freedom of speech is defended with such fervor?

How can we sincerely hope that certain things will work out if we choose never to talk about them frankly and clearly?

Why would some people want to quiet down those who manage to speak out to reveal unfair situation, illegal ones or even crimes, when there are still so many whose words - and wounds - do not come out?

Isn't freedom of speech the same for everyone? Or is it also subject to the discrimination that already suffocates our society so much?

Whether it's our society, your company or you personally, can you solve our problems by hiding them or ignoring them?

No. Quite simply, no.

Demonstration :

- take a slice of bread that has started to mold

- hide it under a sheet of paper towel

- come back 1 week later

- observe and tell me if the bread continued to mold under the paper towel or if the mold process stopped, because you were not looking at it.

Ignoring your problems is like giving them growth fertilizer!

If our society does not want to understand this, I am hopeful that you, who are reading this, will have understood it. Then you will know what to do and you will have the courage as well as the strength to do it.

Indeed, if you are in a situation that someone tries to hide, or are a witness of it, warn someone, get help, or be represented. But, please, do not suffer or let someone else suffer in silence!
Don't be silent! Speak out!

As this dear Albert Einstein said: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

I leave you with this beautiful thought and I wish you a lot of courage for the rest of the events that you may go through.

Estelle CHARLERY, life coach therapist, expert in positivity, in motivation and in resilience.

Personal development. Life coaching. Therapeutic coaching. Short therapy.


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