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Why am I getting vaccinated?


First of all, please note that I make a clear difference between vaccination against COVID-19 and the Health Pass, which some people have already renamed Health Certificate. Which is much smarter when you want to promote it. (A small nod to the potentially existing Communications Officer of our Government, who should learn to express her/himself more positively. I say that, I don't say anything...)

For me, vaccination is the logical continuation of the Covidien scenario, in which we have all played a role, for more than a year and a half, now.

The Health Pass, in my opinion, is just another form of instrumentalisation of the excess of fear, created and maintained among the French population since the beginning of the pandemic.

1. I get vaccinated to protect my family.

I chose to get vaccinated, not because I want to be able to continue going to the movies, my gym club or, on a few occasions, a restaurant, but to protect my people!

To be 100% honest with you, I don't even do it for myself. I don't care, I've never been afraid of dying.

I am too focused on life to be afraid of death.

Citation positive et motivante -

No, if I chose vaccination, it is only for my family, which includes two very brave women over 80 years old and an equally courageous son of 19 years old. He is the second treasure of life. The first having already joined the angels, the two grandfathers too, shortly before all this viral story.

So, if I get vaccinated, it's because I have too much to do rather than getting sick. And above all, it is out of the question that I deliberately let the last child I have left, go through another family drama.

All the precautions I have taken, since the beginning of this adventure: mask, hydro alcoholic liquid, distancing... have been so, only for this one and only purpose.

2. Your life coach is also getting vaccinated to protect you.

Indeed, what would be the point of me working to helping others, if it is to potentially represent a danger for others?

So, I started my vaccination process (1st dose) for my family, on one hand, for my clients on the other hand. Because even though I've been working mostly remotely since 2020, I hope to have the opportunity to coach people face-to-face. Some of my offers require it.

Of course, I will let you know when my vaccination will be effective. In the meantime, my services continue to be carried out by phone, in Visio sessions and online, via e-mail and instant messaging.

Please make your decision in your soul and conscience, for yourself, for your family and for no one else.
Just because some people do, doesn't mean you too need to mix politics and personal and/or public health.

Reminder: We all play an important role in this Covidien scenario.

Thank you for reading me to the end,

Continue to take care of yourself and your thoughts,



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