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You are the CEO of your life!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Here is the greatest positive affirmation I believe you should know and always remember:

Please read it again. Out loud, and one more time.

Now, understand this:

You may have a boss right now, but you are the CEO of your life!

As an adult, you are in charge. So, you must take charge.

Imagine your life as a future and prosperous business. Imagine that you are given the keys of a shop. Imagine that you are named owner of the company.

No-one is running that company but you, because no-one is living your life but you.

So, make smart decisions and smart moves. Try, test, restart any time required. Follow your instincts and trust your choices.

Support yourself all the way through.

Find out what makes you happy the most and use your time of life to practice it as often as possible.

Do not hesitate too long, especially when it feels obvious to you.

Stay awake enough to catch the opportunity when you hear your call.

Feel your power. Find your potential.

Start now and improve daily.

Please do yourself the greatest gift ever and live YOUR life!

No-one is living your life but you!

So, live really and fully!

Take care,



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