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YOUR life, YOUR choices, no matter what they think!


Femme affirmée et libre de ses choix de vie. - Coaching de vie.

1. Don't rely on the criticism of others.

We do agree that most people want us to accept them as they are. Don't they?

However, if you look closely, you will notice that few people accept other people exactly as they are. True or false?

Sometimes, the same people who don't like criticism or judgment, are the ones who criticize and judge others the most.

Yet, nobody really knows what exactly another person's life is.

Nobody lives in the body or in the head of an other!

No-one knows exactly how another person feels, in every cell of their body, in every micro-square-meter of their brain.

In other words, people can only criticize part of another person's truth. The one they see.

And this ultimately has no interesting relevance. Indeed, it would be like criticizing a film that we have not seen in full, from the only trailer or a single scene...

So, if you receive criticism about your life, just remember that these people do not know everything and especially not what you feel deep inside you.

Femme affirmée et libre de ses choix de vie. - Coaching de vie.

2. Listen especially to your inner voice.

If a person is happy and feels comfortable with the choices they’ve made, why does another person allow themselves to blame them?

Why would they allow themselves to criticize or denigrate their decisions?

How can we tell if we would’ve done better being in the position of this person, when we do not know ALL the details that make up their circumstances? Only a few bits.

No matter what choices someone has made, as long as they are in accordance with them and at peace internally, then they made the right choice for them!

We should normally be happy for them.

Your inner voice is the one you must listen in priority, and the one your must rely on the most.

3. Little thinking exercice.

  1. What do you think? Do you agree with the above or not?

  2. Do you often criticize someone else's life choices ? A relative's or a friend's?

  3. How do you react when other people, whoever they are, criticize your own choices?

I let you think about these questions and I invite you to answer them a little further down, in the comment section provided for this purpose. Thus, you will be able to open the discussion with the other members of the site and myself.

If, however, you prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself, I recommend using one of the MHT notebooks or journals, which exist in 4 different models.

Indeed, keeping a journal is one of the 5 basic principles to stay motivated no matter what, which I recommend to you.

It will also allow you to progress towards the knowledge and affirmation of the person you want to become.

Because a lightened head is a head that thinks much better!

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Thank you very much for reading me so far. I hope this post has helped you.

If this is the case, then please transfer it to a friend to whom it can also help.

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The happier people will be, the more people will give us peace and let us live our lives! (Haha...)


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