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A letter to Santa

Dernière mise à jour : 17 déc. 2019

I have tried hard – very hard - to be a good girl this year.

That wasn’t easy at all, trust me, but considering I am not currently in jail and no-one is dead because of me – I mean as far as I know – I assume that I am entitled to express a few requests in this letter.

As every year, I will not ask for much this Christmas. Here is my list:

- A warm and quiet place full of love and happiness,

- Warmth in the hearts of all the people who will be around me, whether in flesh or in spirit,

- Peace, at least for the season, in the minds of all the people who have had to go through what I have been going through this year,

- And this last one is for all the struggling mothers all over the planet. Please, oh please Santa, let them know, one way or another, that they are the real heroes of this world!

Thank you,

With love,



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