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Feel different?... Good for you!

Dernière mise à jour : 16 janv. 2021

If you feel different from other people, I hope you are not too worried about it.

Actually, I hope you are happy about it. I really hope you enjoy being unlike everyone else.

I must confess that I have never understood the people who spend their time, energy and money to try and look like someone else. I just love the idea of being unique and I love being said that I am one of a kind. This is definitely a compliment for me, and I hope you feel this way, too.

The truth is we all are different from each other. Even twins have differences, sometimes very small, sometimes more obvious. If you accept your differences and enjoy them, you will definitely create peace within yourself. And more peace within yourself will generate more peace with others, more peace in the world.

You do not have to worry about being worse. You do not have to fight to be better. All you need to do is being your true self. In fact, comparing yourself with other people is an act of violence towards yourself.

Now, who needs this? Isn't there enough violence in this world?

People find you weird?... Great!... It means that they saw you. It means that they could not ignore you. They just could not pass you by without noticing something. Something special… about you!!

Indeed, the Divinity that created you did it with a vision and gave you the ability and the power to bring something special to this world. My truth is that we all are on a mission on this planet. Many of us play lazy and pretend to ignore it, but I believe that if you feel different, it is because you are already more or less conscious that your life has the purpose to leave an impact in the life of other people.

There are so many talents available. Find out what yours is and exploit it. Use it to serve, help or protect, to teach or entertain, to unite or strengthen, etc.
Grow your own power and reveal yourself, then encourage other people to grow their own power and reveal themselves.
Be different. Be the smart one. Be the kind one. Be the strong one. Be the hero kind. Be great. Be. Differently!

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