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Happy Birthday, Father!

Today is a special day to me. Today is my father’s birthday.

If he was still among us, he would be 76 years old and he would tell you this:

“Life is meant to be lived.”

This is the lesson my father has taught me and two years after he passed away, this is still one of my major life principles.

Life is not a theory but a practical thing.

You can think about it, but you mainly have to live it.

Overthinking prevents you from experiencing life.

You need to dare, to try, to feel, to find out and to learn. You need to do all this over and over again so that you can do better and be better, until the end of your human life.  Your life is not a motion picture that you can sit here and watch. Your life is a project you have to take full part in and even run.  If you can see your life as a movie, then you have to be the writer, the producer, the director and the main character. And you know what? You also have to wisely choose the cast. All you need to understand is that you will not be given the chance to make a sequel. You only have one shot and you have to make a happy ending with it.

You have this power! Trust me, you do!

Have a beautiful and meaningful day. And if you manage to do this everyday, then you will have a beautiful and meaningful life. 


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Membre inconnu
23 mai 2020

Merci beaucoup, Graziella. Chacun-e d'entre nous peut offrir une leçon aux autres, sans même sans rendre compte parfois.

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