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Still remember George Floyd?

Dernière mise à jour : 5 nov. 2020

I just can't stop thinking George Floyd was only one year younger than I am. And he was a Libra, too, as he was born on the 14th of October, a few days after my birthday. I did not know until I checked about him on the Internet the other day. And I felt bad… again… when I read the info.

In France, the media seem to slowly forget about him. But I do not, and I am sure that many other Black people in France still remember him and what happened to him. It has hurt many of us very deeply. Pain, among other feelings, is still in our chests.

Now, I know that Black people are different throughout the world. [Yes, we are! As we are not one unique entity.] Some of us rise up and deal loud and out, with their faces and their fists up. Some prefer to keep it quiet and will have to deal with it in a different way. Others choose to ignore, pretend not to be concerned and will certainly struggle someday with that. But you do not have to be a Black person to fit in one of those categories. And I am very happy to see non-Black people regularly get involved in the antiracist movement that has “started” worldwide since George Floyd was murdered. It gives me more hope for humanity. It warms up my heart and encourages me to continue to help others in need, especially mentally, even when I am tired of seen what I see, of hearing what I hear, of reading what I read...

I must confess that I feel a little sorry for those who choose to look the other way and slowly forget what happened. This is their choice, though, and I'll respect it.

I also have to say that I am a little scared that the world could forget about George Floyd someday. This is the reason why I believe we should have a George Floyd Day and it should be October 14th, which is his birth date.

I believe we should never forget that he was just one knee away from celebrating another birthday with his daughter and her mother.

We must continue to promote Black lives, Black young girls and boys, Black women and men, Black businesses, Black arts... Black everyhting...

This world is ours, too. It just would not be the world without us. We all know this.

Black lives MATTER and COUNT!

They have as MUCH VALUE as other lives.

This year, on October 14th, I will celebrate George Floyd birthday. Will you join me?


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