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What’s up with your dreams?

Dernière mise à jour : 23 déc. 2020

When you have a dream, "you gotta protect it!"

Don't share it with everyone or anyone inappropriate. Give neither details nor summary, or choose wisely who you talk to about it.

Everybody who has a dream, not only a big one, has at least once been made fun of. The truth is the bigger your dream is, the more people will laugh at you or even call you crazy.

Indeed, some people believe that dreams are for children or stupid people. Many people have never dreamt of anything special or have given up on their dreams.

They have accepted or learned how to like their life for what it is now and wish not for anything more or different.

It’s OK. It’s their choice. But it is not yours and you feel like you are not like one of those people.

Your dream is like... « alive » ; it is a living entity that talks to you every day, that whispers to your ear all the time: « Come on, let’s do this! What are you waiting for?... Chicken sh...! »


Your dream is like a newborn baby with a breathing issue and it’s fighting for life! And as you fight to keep it alive and allow it grow (and prosper), you happen to suffocate sometimes, as well.

Don’t you visualize your accomplishment to-be just like you would visualize your baby girl or boy once a grown-up person?

Just like your child, it is a side part of you that is relying on you and your love to grow and live a happy life. It needs you to turn it into a reality.

Your success is eagerly depending on you to exist.

So, don't give up and protect your dream!

Don't give up because of people who may never do anything special in their lives but waking up in the morning, going to work, doing a job they barely like, getting back home at night, sleep more or less well and start all this all over again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the day after... until they die.

You know, deep inside your heart, that this is, has never been and will never be what you want. Your idea of life is different, it is bigger than that.

I'm not saying these people are wrong for not wanting more and you are right for wanting more. Many are very happy with at least a job to pay their bills and support their family. This is a dream, too.

I'm just saying that this is not your thing and you know it. You want more and you just know that you can do more. You just know that you can do better and you wish to honor the talent that you were heavenly given. So go ahead and do better!

Don't give up because of people who have tried, failed and given up. Your chance is not everyone else's chance. You are different, you are unique. Your past is full of proves that you can do whatever you set your mind up to. So just do it.

Make your dreams come true!

Don't give up because of people who haven't even tried and are so afraid to fail that they just wouldn't give it a chance. You know what victory tastes like. You have won quite a few battles already, haven't you? So, you've got a pretty good idea of what success tastes like. Won't you have another bite? Go for it!

Don't give up because of people who haven't got enough imagination to even think that this is possible. You have more than just imagination, you have a vision of your future. When you actually picture yourself there, you feel so good. You feel that this is right. It's not like wanting this pair of Timberland shoes or this ring with the blue stone. It is so much bigger that you can feel it not only in your stomach but also in your bones, flesh and blood.

So, go for it! Whatever your dream is, go for it!

Stop questioning yourself. Set up a written plan. Detail each step of the way as you figure them out and go for it! Just do it! Start now!

Do not share or communicate with people who cannot understand you and go chase your dreams!


If you feel like sharing this with someone special today, just do it!

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