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What is EstellyHappy?

Formerly MyHappinessTherapy (My Happiness Therapy), EstellyHappy (Is so happy) is a positive life philosophy,caring, motivating and inspiring. It includes resilience, this ability to face the difficulties that life throws our way, and to emerge stronger and/or grown.

The suggestions and advice contained in the blog'azine articles are aimed at anyone wishing to feel better in their skin, in their head and in their life, by developing a positive mind and learning to create or recreate happiness , first for herself, then around her.

Personal development, inner well-being and mental health are at the heart of my support and coaching. Positive psychology and NLP are the main techniques used.

The support is most often done remotely thanks to current technology, but it can also contain face-to-face sessions, if geography allows.

Who am I ?

I am Estelle CHARLERY, author, blogger, coach and life advisor, resilience expert.

Motivation, personal development and me are a love story that has lasted since 2010.


However, it was in 2019 that I decided to create my own site and share my learning and my understanding of life.


A year later, I also developed a small activity supporting people in search of moral and mental well-being.


I am also a solo Mom in my fifties, very self-taught, hyper-potential, hyper-sensitive and empathic.


It is precisely these last three characteristics that allow me to help them best when my clients call on me, and they trust me to help them find the peace and personal fulfillment that we all seek to establish. in our lives and those of those we love.

Qui suis-je ?
Estelle mai 2022_edited.jpg

Manon from France

Thank you very much, Estelle!

You helped me a lot. You have been a pillar for me and I regained my self-confidence.

After a painful disappointment in love, M. needed to regain her self-confidence in order to bounce back.

Pascal from France

Hello Estelle,

I hope you're okay ?

I enjoy the holidays with the loulous, everything is going really well, I feel good and cultivate my happiness on a daily basis, and plant seeds to cultivate even more happiness and love ...

Broken by two successive love failures,

P. has learned to recreate happiness and the joy of life in his life.

Lydiah, USA

I love it so so much! Thank you very much for sharing your world to me. I love what you do throughout your world, your quotes.

I've been through a lot and to find peace and recovery, I started to follow you. These things you have created, I found an easy way to be related to. It's like they were written to me especially, dedicated to me, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, I will never forget these incredible things you made or have done. You are so nice with people. I love you!

Cédric, Switzerland

I was in a sorry state, without desire or joy in life, and you arrived.

You supported me, cheered me up, talked, and I'm doing better. You did that when we didn't know each other.

A huge thank you for your communicative positivity.

Graziella from France

I'm happy to know you (...)

Your pedagogy and your patience are top (...) You are a great coach! (...)

I am so grateful to you!

G. had been looking for a job for almost 3 years. Thanks to adapted coaching, she found the job of her dreams, in less than 3 months.

Françoise from France

There is a lot of common sense on this blog for young people, not so young, teenagers or parents, for our personal, family, associative or professional life, in search of joy, well-being, commitment.

Find out: your day will be bright. Thanks Estelle!

Fred from France

Since I have known this therapy,
my life has become much sweeter. Thank you again and for everything!

Lisa from France

Thank you very much for your valuable advice. Everything is going wonderfully !

L. was hesitant to make a decision

concerning his love life.

Thanks to sincere listening and some relevant advice, she can move forward in her love life again.

Mauritius, France

Hi Estelle,

Congratulations on this initiative!

I am very impressed, what strength of character! You prove that nothing is impossible. Respect!

Alan, USA

What can I say about Estelle? In the past 4 years she has gone from the person in the depths of unhappiness to someone who has dramatically shifted their perspective about how to achieve happiness, hold on to it, and then share it. She knows - deeply - what it means to be alone and sad and yet has taken what was missing and realized that it is up to her to fill that void ... and now shares that experience with others who can now benefit from her experience, her love, her patience, and her commitment that everyone deserves to be loved and happy. She is an amazing human being and one that I am proud and privileged to call "friend".

Nyore, Nigeria

You made my world rock,

so I'll call you my heartquake from now.

Your love, care and support took me higher. I really don't know what I would have become without you this past few months. You have been nothing but a huge blessing, an angel, to my world.

Keep doing what you are doing.

God will bless you.

Alexia from France

Thank you for sharing us

your advice, your energy

and your joy of living!

It comforts me and

boosts me every day!

Joël from France

"SuperEstelle", a dynamic woman

and courageous always listening.

Thank you very much for your precious advice and for your presence

in my everyday life.

Glad to have been able to meet you.

Mylène, Martinique

My SuperEstelle, my SuperWoman,

my WorkingGirl! A woman who knew how to keep her smile and her joie de vivre, despite everything, and who is always listening. So when I have hits

blues, I have a thought for her

and I MUST get up,

not to let me down.

* Put on an Estelle CHARLERY

in your life !!!*

Véronique from France

Estelle is a constant positive inspiration to me. As soon as I have a bit of slack, I will look for my happiness boost in his publications or on his site. Estelle has the human qualities which allow sincere and generous support. Thanks for being in my life.

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