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The first benefit of my coaching program is to help you resolve your current issue, to provide a solution to your personal situation.

This could be:


  • your difficulty getting over your last breakup, separation or divorce,

  • conflicting tensions that exist within your couple or your family

  • of your job search, which is stagnating without you fully understanding why

  • of your project, that you have difficulty designing, launching or developing...

The second benefit of my coaching program is to help you:


  • develop your positivity and optimism, 

  • maintain your motivation and determination, 

  • nourish your mental strength and resilience.

Through this life coaching program adjusted session after session to always suit you best, you learn to see, think, analyze and reflect differently, in order to develop the ability to (re)create the life circumstances you desire to live.

In other words, while solving your current problem, while solving the unpleasant situation you are experiencing at the moment, you learn to solve the next ones.

This life coaching is offered in 3 monthly packages, depending on the time and budget that you can invest in transforming your life. 

The method of support does not change. Only your rythm of progress will differ depending on the monthly plan you choose.


To find out even more or book your first session, click on one of the packages below.

A distance ou en présentiel

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