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Meditate in writing, copy your positive affirmations regularly to better anchor them, or tell the best of your past, present or even future days, with the Happiness MHT Journal (MyHappinessTherapy) of 200 lined and numbered pages.


  • Available in red, blue, brown, yellow, pink and turquoise.
  • Published upon order thanks to KDP France (Kindle Direct Publishing).
  • Delivered from the MHT web site to France, or via Amazon to the rest of the world.
  • Amazon Prime item. To take advantage of your Prime delivery benefits, click on the color of your choice:
  • Red | Blue | Brown | Yellow | Pink | Turquoise


MHT Happiness Journal

  • 200-page paperback notebook, lined and numbered.

    Glossy hardback cover.

    Dimensions: 6" x 9".

    Weight approx. : 330g

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