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😃 September : New month, new boost! 😃


Hello my Super, how are you, today?

🔥 Welcome to September! 🔥

For most of us, the holidays are over. They are already part of the past and I hope they represent for you mostly good times with family or friends and beautiful memories.

I sincerely hope that you took advantage of them to fill yourself up with positive energy, to get rid of the stress and anxiety accumulated beforehand and that your self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted for the next four months.

If this is not quite the case, I suggest you this simple self-coaching exercise, to repeat regularly during this month of September and, why not, until the end of the year.

Include this in your daily routine in September:

👉🏽 Take your MHT Happiness Journal and make an inventory of all your small successes and all your beautiful achievements.

- It comes in 6 different colors: red, blue, brown, yellow, pink and turquoise.

MHT Happiness Journal - brown
MHT Happiness Journal - brown

👉🏽 Then, read everything and congratulate yourself! If you feel like it, give yourself a reward, a little gift.

For example, a sweet moment of reading with my book “Aux Heures Creuses du Bonheur”. It is available in paperback and digital format.

French poetry book written and self-published by Estelle CHARLERY
My French poetry book full of love.

👉🏽 Finally, observe the benefits of this little exercise on yourself, by doing a mental and physical scan of your sensations. And that too, you can write it down in your MHT Happiness Journal! So, next time, you can compare yourself to yourself and see your progress, your evolution. 😃

Smiling and confident Black woman
Become the smiling and confident Black woman you wish to be.

👉🏽 Repeat this self-valorization and self-congratulation exercise as often as you want or as you feel the need. That is, every time your motivation is low. I guarantee you that you will feel better every time. 🥰

And I wish you a beautiful back to school and a beautiful month of September!

To order your MHT Happiness Journal from Amazon

and use your Amazon Prime advantages,

click on your favorite color below:

Take good care of yourself and of your thoughts,

Estelle C.

Author, blogger and life coach Happiness & Resilience

Estelle CHARLERY - Author, blogger and life coach
Estelle CHARLERY - Author, blogger and life coach

As a personal development and resilience development coach, I help you regain confidence in yourself, cultivate your positivity and keep your motivation.

I help you identify your brakes and blockages, and overcome them.

I accompany you towards a redefinition of yourself, which will allow you to achieve your personal, or even professional, goals.

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