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5th birthday without her.


Happy birthday, my beloved daughter.

Today, September 5, 2023, my beautiful daughter Claire would have been 23 years old.

But she left at 18 and a few, carried away by a sudden and spontaneous pulmonary embolism, on January 18, 2019.

This is the fifth time I have to celebrate her birthday without her. 😌

How do I celebrate the birthday of my daughter who is no longer there?

I act as if she were there and we spend the day “together” doing things she liked to do.

  • listen to K-pop 🎶

  • watch her favorite cartoons, Miraculous Ladybug, Assassination Classroom, Attack on Titans…

  • buy yellow flowers 🌼, her favorite color

  • buy an opera cake, her favorite cake 🎂

  • buy grapefruit rosé 🍷, because she didn’t like champagne

  • go to the movies 🎞️, because it was her passion

  • and write ✍🏽, her other passion.

And above all, I’m going to make myself beautiful 💄 and try to smile 😁 all day long, because that’s how she liked to see me.

You’ve understood, today, I’m not there for anyone… except my baby love.

I wish you a wonderful day and a lot of courage. 💪🏽💛👍🏽

Good luck, indeed, to all those who miss someone terribly.

Remember that love remains even when life goes away. 👈🏽


Who am I?

Everything I want to be!

Estelle CHARLERY - Author, blogger and life coach
Estelle CHARLERY - Author, blogger and life coach

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- I accompany you, week after week, towards a redefinition of yourself, with the resources that you already have, but that you have forgotten.


My book "Aux Heures Creuses du Bonheur"

(translation from French: “In the Quiet Hours of Happiness”)

Published in March 2022, it is my first compositions of the genre, written between the end of my adolescence and the first years of my life as a young mother.

I express my loves, from the most ephemeral to the resolutely eternal.

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