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I lied to everybody for years!


Estelle CHARLERY, author, blogger and life coach
Estelle C.

I lied to everyone...

I lied to my parents, making them believe that I was a good student doing the studies they had chosen for me.

I lied to my teachers, making them believe that I was interested in their classes.

I lied to my friends from high school, making them believe that I was happy and proud to have gotten my Bac C (scientific baccalaureate) at 17 and a half.

I also pretended to jump for joy when I got my DEUG A (Sciences and Structure of Matter) - Thanks UPEC (University of Creteil, Paris area, France).

I lied to my first employers, making them believe that I knew where I saw myself in five years.

I lied to the next ones, making them believe that I had done everything I could in my previous position and that I needed a change.

I lied to my husband and children every time I came home and told them that I had a very good day at work.

I lied to all my lovers, after my divorce, making them believe that I had a great career, and that everything was fine on that side.

And, above all, I lied to myself!

And then, above all, I lied to myself, because the only career I ever wanted to have is not in administrative management or accounting, even though I excel at it.

It is not in team management either, and yet I am particularly good at it.

It is not even - hold on! - in personal development coaching, despite all the pleasure I take today in helping women and men towards an improved or more assertive version of themselves.

The only career I ever wanted to have is in writing.

Black female writer
Write, write, write...

So I almost became a scientist, but I became an executive.

I almost became a Manager, but I became an entrepreneur.

When all I ever wanted was to be an artist.

I’ve been lying for half a century. That I lie to MYSELF.

It’s been a long time. And above all it’s tiring. And it hurts.

So, stop. That’s enough. We stop!

My new life is going to start.

July 31, 2023 was the first day of the #JeRamenMaFraise challenge organized by Nina Ramen and which I participated in with pleasure. Since the end of this challenge, I have changed my organization to focus on my new life as an artist-author.

Because the best way to encourage others to achieve their dreams is to achieve your own!

You also have a dream to achieve? Welcome to my team!


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