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You still have a power over your life. Use it!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023


Empowered women of color.
Empowered women of color.

1. Of course, you can sit there, and wait for things in your life to sort themselves out...

Of course, you can decide that nothing you do will change anything to the situation you're in, at the moment...

Of course, you can continue to grumble alone in your corner, and accuse the whole world of everything that is wrong in your life...


2. You can decide that you have the power of making life changing decisions.

Because, in case you haven’t been told, you are always a decision away from the change you want to bring into your existence.

You can decide to plan specific actions to initiate this change that you want so much in your life.

Because, in case it hasn’t been clearly explained to you, anarchy brings only chaos.

If you do not list the actions you are to take, you take the risk of being dispersed or lost, going the wrong way.

3. You can decide to take action for real and concretely. Definitely.

Because, in case they forgot to tell you, life is a practical exercise. No one lives in theory! And those who have visited this country have often returned disappointed.

Life in Theory is very overrated... Lol.

  • Define a goal

  • Set up a plan

  • Take action!

And when you've done all that, then you'll realize that the secret to happiness and/or success is to decide, plan and act.

So, here is your positive and motivating affirmation for today:

I decide.

I plan.

I act.

I succeed.

And repeat it every day to give yourself the mental strength and power to initiate the change you want to create into your life.

Beautiful Black woman planning her life and her future success.
Decide - Plan - Act - Succeed


To decide, plan, act and succeed,

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Brown MHT Happiness Journal - available in the MHT online shop and from Amazon

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