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Because life is a great teacher!


Do you ever wonder why certain circumstances in your life repeat themselves almost tirelessly?

Why do you always meet the same kind of people whereas they’re just not made for you?

Why are you never satisfied with the job you find or the company you join?

Or why do you always find yourself in the same mess over and over again?

Do you ever happen to say to yourself: "I don't understand why this happens to me all the time"?

Well, you do well in questioning yourself about this! There is indeed something that you need to know, but that you still haven’t understood and that’s why this part of your history repeats itself again and again.

What you need to understand is that life sends messages, lessons, tests, and trials to all of us. Not to bother us or avoid boredom, but because we are all supposed to learn something, in order to move on to the next stage of our existence.

Life spends its time trying to teach us what we need to know, but most of the time we don't listen to it!

Many of us chase after what we think is our destiny, but the truth is that when we are on the wrong road, life manages to prevent us from going on this path. It does everything to block us and it is when we insist that complications arise.

If at the moment, you’re going through an upsetting period – regardless of the pandemic context – or if you feel slowed down in the progress of one of your projects, instead of saying: "But why is this happening to me?" and blaming the fate, I invite you to ask yourself this small series of questions instead:

1. What’s the message life is trying to send me?
2. What exactly is it trying to tell me?
3. What am I supposed to understand?

Then, try and calm down and step back a little so that the answers reach you. It may take a few minutes to a few days, but the lightening will certainly strike into your mind, I guarantee you.

Take the time to question yourself and meditate on the mission(s) you are supposed to accomplish on this Earth. We all have at least one specific one. We must know it to honor it and thus honor the life that is lent to us.

Most of us are often too busy "managing" material things, convinced that the piling of goods is the purpose of existence. This part of the population seems to forget that we come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing.

However, you always leave something behind and another good question to ask yourself is:

What will I leave behind when I leave this world?

Don't worry too much about what people think of you, in your lifetime. On the contrary, worry a little more about what they will say about you, after you leave.

In these cases, people no longer have any reason to lie, because they no longer have to fear possible reprisals from you. Most of the time, it’s even their only opportunity to finally show the bottom of their soul.

Do you see how, as soon as a famous person dies, everything about her/him, good or bad, comes out?

Well, ask yourself what image we will keep of you when you are no longer there. This is what’s supposed to guide your steps, your actions, and your attitude, throughout your life.

Life is a great teacher, and you are its student. If you don't listen or refuse to learn the lessons it sends you, don't be surprised to fail the exam!

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In the meantime, continue to take good care of yourself and your thoughts,

Estelle CHARLERY, coach de vie thérapeute - Happiness and resilience coach


Life Coach Therapist

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