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Hey! Let me introduce myself again!

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Nice to meet you... again!


I hope you are doing well and that you continue to do what it takes for that. Even if, as usual, the world seems to be still boiling.

I wanted to apologize for not having been very present lately on the MHT blog. I confess, without shame or complex, that I needed to take a little more care of myself and my mental health, while continuing my activity.

As you can easily imagine, I too face regular experiences related to systemic oppressions, such as racism and sexism. And I must admit that it annoys and tires me.

As if my personal life was not already heavy enough to bear!

I plan to tell you all about it in the coming weeks and to provide my analysis of the behaviors encountered. Because I think that you and I are certainly experiencing the same things and that:

  1. Talking about it feels good. It allows us to free ourselves from the harm that has been done.

  2. Better understanding why it happened feels good, too. It allows us to prepare for the next time it happens.

For now, especially to those who have recently subscribed to the MHT blog, I shall introduce myself.

Let me introduce myself again!

Estelle CHARLERY, author, blogger and resilience life coach
Estelle CHARLERY, author, blogger and resilience life coach

Welcome to you if you have just joined the MHT blog!

My name is Estelle CHARLERY, I am 50 years old and I am the divorced mother of a beautiful daughter who became an angel at 18 years old, and a handsome young man of 21 years old in great shape, fortunately.

I was an accountant for more than 15 years until I became a Finance Manager. I loved briefing, training and encouraging my subordinates, interns or apprentices, to develop both their professional skills and their personal qualities. Unfortunately, illness prevented me from pursuing this career. Illness caused by the malice of a handful of people who did not like seeing me where I was…

In 2016, I survived a burnout.

In 2017, I had to recover for a long time from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2018, my father died in sad conditions.

In 2019, my daughter - my wonderful daughter - barely 18 years old and a few months old, was literally torn from my hands by a spontaneous and lightning pulmonary embolism.

So I went through a "big ordeal" every year for 4 consecutive years, and each time I had to pick myself up with a teaspoon, get up and walk straight ahead again.

The goal? The pursuit of my happiness and of my success.

There was no question of giving up. It never has been.

Thus, as you understand by reading all this, my resilience - the ability to recover from tragic or traumatic events and move forward again - is great.

And it is precisely this ability that allowed me to become a Coach in personal development and resilience in 2020.

My work consists in helping people who are looking for the change they want to bring to their existence to achieve it by using their own resources (which they often ignore) and what surrounds them on a daily basis.

This is what needs to be done when what we are experiencing or suffering from no longer suits us.

Through most of my blog posts, for starters, I strive to convey positivity, comfort, motivation and encouragement, inspiration when I can, so that my readers feel good or better after reading.

Feeling good is a right. You have to take it, give it to yourself.

My coaching sessions are more specific and adapt directly to the person who contacted me.

These are life-changing coaching sessions because they allow you to discover how to get rid of all these invisible barriers that prevent us from truly enjoying our beautiful existence.

As I often say: “We did not come into the world to be unhappy!

For me, happiness is not a matter of luck, but a matter of decision and training.

Training? Yes, because it requires courage, determination and discipline.

Like sports or studies, finally. Right?

By coming here, you have decided to be happy and to train yourself every day.

Congratulations! Welcome to you! And thank you for following me.


Author, blogger and resilience coach



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