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(Hot) Recap of March 2022.

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Mode "Just start and move forward ! We'll figure out the rest, later" activated.

Week No. 1:

A member of my family literally breaks my heart, making it clear to me that she has nothing to do with me, my dreams and my "crazy" projects.

Basically, I might as well not exist, it wouldn't change much in her life.

I take note. Thank you. Have a good life, too!

Week No. 2:

A "friend" of mine only now undeniably shows me that he never intended to offer me his friendship.

In fact, he wanted me to offer him mine.

And also, that I provide him with my professional services for free... for his own projects...

Except that there is no “stupid” sign written, on my forehead. Just a "cool" sign.

Thank you for the lesson. Good luck to you, too!

Week No. 3:

Saddened by the above and tired of the negativity and aggressiveness left in free circulation on social medias, I "cocoon" myself.

And during this detox from the rest of the world, I take the opportunity to focus on my website, whose main core I finish in French AND English.

On March 15, 2022, my 'self-made positive & motivating personal development web site' is officially finished.

Week No. 4:

Strengthened by this momentum of accomplishment mixed with satisfaction and pride, I am looking at another project, which has been pending for years. From Author, I switch to an Editor mode and finalize the conception of my first book of poetry.

On March 21, 2022, my very first book as an artist-author is (finally) published.

Week No. 5:

My son and I now fend for ourselves in the face of the adversity of this life...

The real man in my life is him!

On March 31, 2022, we change a flat tire together for the very first time!

(It's simple, after all. I don't know why some people make a all fuss about it... Lol.)


1. You won't be able to rely on everyone.

2. There won't always be someone to help you.

3. You're going to have to learn how to fend for yourself.

4. Develop as many skills as you can.

5. Learn to do things yourself. You will save time.

6. Stay focused on your projects. Don't look on the sides. (See song below!)

7. Do you thing, don't say anything, talk afterwards.

8. Use the energy of anger and frustration to create beautiful things!!!

As a life coach, I am my own showcase. I am my own coach and so I have to be my best listener.

I, too, have dreams. I, too, have plans. And you will see me realize them one by one, if you follow me.

My goal is to show you that it is possible.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

When I suggest a person to help them define their wishes, to design their life plan (their Life List) and to get on the right track, I am only giving them the method that I have been using, for years, to achieve everything I want, and achieve all the goals I set for myself.

I could just recite nice sentences, motivating quotes, and positive affirmations all day long, but we all know that nothing is better than example as a proof of what we are saying.

Among those who have already called on me, some have testified on Google:

Whose turn? Yours?


Tell me everything:

  • Do you feel lost or stopped in your own life?

  • Don't know which direction to take?

  • Maybe you're afraid to be wrong again?

  • Are you so hesitant that you are no longer moving forward at all?

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Take care of yourself and your thoughts, in the meantime.

See you soon,


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