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Use your hidden talent to reduce your stress!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Hey there, my Super! I hope you are doing well and are in great shape.

I hope you continue to take care of yourself, of the people who love you, and also of your thoughts.

Remember that your thoughts are involved in maintaining your mental health and in creating your well-being. So, choose them well.

Today, we're going to talk about how your hidden talent can help you reduce your stress and add positivity into your life.

Black female artist
You never know, your passion could become your profession.

1. Everyone has potential or talent.

When I find myself in front of a new ‘coachee’ who doubts her ability to achieve either something that matters to her, or whatever else, I can’t help but jump internally.

It sometimes even makes me sad to see this person feel and imagine themselves unable to do anything. I then choose to help them immediately correct this limiting idea.

Everyone has potential. Everyone has a talent. Everyone has a favorite activity.

2. Do what you love often.

When we don't exploit that potential, when we don't use that talent, when we don't do our favorite thing often enough, we create frustration in ourselves. This frustration creates discomfort that, if it lasts too long, eventually turns into stress. This stress then alters our well-being. And as stress becomes more intense, the vicious circle sets in.

Stress, anxiety, fear are also brothers and sisters. They like to play with your nerves. They surround and paralyze you. And feast on watching you tremble on yourself. That is why you must, to silence them, pit them against their sworn enemies: the pleasure, the satisfaction and the pride that comes from a work done by yourself.

Beautiful Black woman playing a music instrument.
Do what you like and do it every day.

3. What is your favorite activity?

So, ask yourself:

  • What is this thing you like to do the most?

If this thing doesn’t violate the law and doesn’t harm anyone, make it a regular activity. Singing, dancing, laughing... Color, draw, write... Sew, cut, glue... Create something out of nothing, if you even want to!

  • What is this talent that you let sleep instead of exploiting it with pleasure and joy?

I repeat: everyone has a talent. Everyone also has a passion. Just because you can't make a living from it yet, doesn't mean you have to put it aside. Use one or the other to do yourself good, to get started. You'll see the rest after.

For your own good, to sow good positive vibes in you, to regularly create appeasement, use your gift, your talent, your creativity.

Thank you for reading me so far. Thank you for sharing this post with everyone you have tought of when reading it, as well as on your social media. SM need to be flooded with positive waves, don't they?

Positively yours,


Author, Blogger, Happiness and Resilience Life Coach


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