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Little love tip N°1: Your crush is not your girlfriend!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Don't get wrong & don't talk to your crush as if it were your girlfriend (or boyfriend)!

What is a crush?

A crush is a person you are interested in and who you have to learn to discover. It's not your girlfriend/boyfriend yet. Nor is she/he someone you already date, from time to time, or regularly. And above all, she/he's not someone you already have a story with...

So don't treat your crush as if she/he were already with you. Or worse, as if she/he were your ex!

1. Your crush is a person you need to be interested in and show interest to.

2. So you have to start by getting her attention, and then try to seduce her or him.

Hoping it will serve you well, because I see behaviors that make me understand that it's not clear to everyone.

Yours truly,


Life coach therapist


In the meantime, we agree that having a mesmerizing look is sometimes more than just a beauty asset.

To make it a small weapon of massive seduction, it seems to me that a well-chosen mascara is essential.

This batch of 2 mascaras, including 1 waterproof, should allow us to throw bold actions until the end of this summer, or even beyond.


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