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WISHING to be in a relationship or NEEDING to be in a relationship?

Hello my Super,

I hope you're doing well and that your day has started well, either.

I'm a little tired right now, personally. Probably, the autumn period... or a certain excitement in relation with my constant progress towards my goals defined at the beginning of the year. Indeed, we are now in mid-October and there are 2.5 months left before the end of the year. Yeehaah!!

I hope you are just as excited as I am, at the idea of closing this other "special" year, with a nice positive result. I am sure and certain that you have worked well for this. In advance, I would like to congratulate you and tell you that I am proud of you!

Do not confuse WISHING and NEEDING!

Today, I would like to echo my Instagram story from yesterday, which at the time I’m writing is still running.

I would like you to think carefully about the difference between a WISH and a NEED.

If you are one of those who feel a little obsessed with the idea of being in a relationship, or who have been convinced that not being in one is a problem, I want you to know that "the need to be in a relationship" is another one of those “imposed” beliefs, which upsets or ends up disturbing the lives of many people.

I would not even be surprised to discover one day, that this is yet another idea of a sexist origin, and widespread, like many others, to keep women under the domination of men, while occupying their minds enough, to prevent them from working on their emancipation and therefore act for their freedom of being and acting the way they want to.

I remind you that we live in a society built by a certain category of individuals, so that it suits them especially and in the first place. If you know what I mean... (wink).

In the meantime, I also insist on reminding you that:

1. We are not born as part of a couple or married. We are all born single.
2. Being single is neither a disease nor a disability.

Anyone who thinks otherwise must immediately RETHINK!

Whether it's your parents, other family members, some of your friends or your colleagues, refresh their memory: you were born for yourself, to be yourself, and being single or in a relationship is not a defining element of who you are. It's just circumstantial information and, for the umpteenth time, you are not your circumstances.

Being single or in a relationship does not add or remove anything to your value. Your heart is a diamond, rough or polished, and your body is its case. That's it and that’s all!

So, avoid disturbing your mind with that and don't let anyone disturb your mind with that, either.

I repeat: You were born for yourself, and for no one else!

Continue to take good care of yourself and your thoughts,

Yours truly,



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