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Little love tip N° 2: The difference between I and YOU.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I've always been told: "When a man is interested in you, you know it, you feel it!"

You can also pay attention to what he says.

For example, when a man says to you, "If I do nothing this weekend, we can see each other," it's not quite the same as when he says: "If YOU do nothing this weekend, could we see each other?"

Indeed, in the first case, he places you AFTER everything he might have to do on this day. In his mind, you are at the bottom of the pile. Which means that if he has time left, and providing he's not too tired, he might grant you with this little time left.

In the second case, on the contrary, he has already organized himself to save you some time, and he is inviting you to spend it with him. And, if you happen not to be available, THEN he will do something else.

Do you understand the difference?

It's already quite painful to be the plan B of someone you know. Don't you think?

So, if I were you, I would avoid being also the plan B of a person I barely know.

The one who is not ready for you, does not deserve you. My advice: Swipe him out!

Take care



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